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We have both welcomed and said goodbye to lots of different nationalities of students this year. Everyone went home with lots of great experiences and better fluency in English and improvement in Horse riding skills. READ MORE

It was so beautiful at Kingsford because we could always stay with the horses and ponies. We played pony games, went on treks and gathered the ponies from the field to clean and feed them.

It was just great and I've missed Kingsford since I left! The English lessons were funny, Lynn is a perfect teacher. I wish I had her at my school in Switzerland!! READ MORE

Kingsford is really worth a journey! I enjoyed every minute I spent there. My sister and I stayed there for 3 weeks during our summer holidays in 2013.

We made lots of new friends, and we had a wonderful time and great fun with the horses and ponies! My favourite horse is Quercas, I loved riding her and learned a lot. We once took Fleck and Tamone, two of the horses, to Curracloe Beach (a really long, beautiful beach where we went swimming, too) for a ride that was one of my favourites.  READ MORE